Our Mission:

Audiophilic Academy is an online learning platform and student community that provides the artists and entrepreneurs-of-tomorrow with actionable knowledge and programs on how to establish and build businesses around their passions. We are on a mission to: "Empower Artistry by Nurturing Entrepreneurship"

Founded by Chase Summers, (independent musician, entrepreneur & educator), our programs and courses draw from tried & true strategies taken to establish our businesses: Audiophilic Music Group, the record label and apparel brand, and this company, Audiophilic Academy. As a former high school teacher, Chase set out to package entrepreneurial concepts not taught in colleges and university into educational programs that can help you turn your passion into profits through building businesses! Learn more about us below...

What We Do:

Develop Programs for Artists & Entrepreneurs

Cultivate a Community for our Students

Facilitate a Weekly Mastermind Group

Meet Your Instructor:
Chase Summers

Hey there! I'm Chase Summers, an independent musician and the founder of Audiophilic Academy & Audiophilic Music Group. I'll be your instructor, and I'm excited to share actionable steps that can help you turn your passions into a thriving business, just like I did! I truly believe that there's never been a better time in history to pursue our passions. Together, let’s explore how to make that possible for you!

As a former high school teacher and self-taught entrepreneur, I created Audiophilic Academy to offer educational programs that teach skills often overlooked in schools and universities. It's tough to innovate and be creative when you're just trying to make ends meet, as many of us have experienced. My mission with Audiophilic Academy is to empower artists by fostering entrepreneurship, helping you sustain your life, art, and hobbies.

Quotes We Live By:

"I’m interested in making a path instead of following a trail"
-Michael Jackson
"I wish there had been a Music Business 101 Course I could have taken..."
-Kurt Kobain

"I'm not a businessman.
I'm a business... man"
-Jay Z

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